Fax for free with the Internet (terms and conditions apply)

If you’re working from home without a landline or your on the road and you need to send a one-off fax, you can send a scan or a file from Word or Excel (etc.) to a fax number from the Internet for free. The website is  http://myfax.com/free/

Here’s how:

  1. Get the file –
    • If you’re faxing because someone needs a “wet signature” then let the ink dry and then scan the document into a pdf or an image (jpg, tif, gif, etc. – the list of supported formats)
    • I can’t imaging why you would be faxing a file from Word, Excel, or whatever, but if you need to – the website supports 178 different file formats – including WordStar! (full list)Note: the file is restricted to a max 10MB and a max of 10 pages.
  2. Go to the website
  3. Fill in the To/From and upload your file from #1 (Max 2 fax attempts per 24 hours for free)
  4. Wait by your email. At this point, you’ve queued your fax for processing but it hasn’t been sent yet.
    – A message will be sent to your email with a link for you to click on. When the email comes, click the link to Send Your Fax.
    – Your fax will be sent. You’ll get another email with a confirmation or failed message depending on how it goes.

However – this is the one downside – if your fax fails (for whatever reason) that counts as one of your faxes for that 24 hour period. So, if you send two faxes, Fax A at 13:01 and Fax B at 13:20, and Fax A fails, you have to wait until tomorrow at 13:01 before you can resend it for free. If it really has to be there right now, you can also sign up for a 30 day free trial that gives you 100 sent fax pages a month.

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