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Welcome to Excel, Et Cetera – a new home for ‘how to’ information for Excel and other Office apps, as well as other topics that crop up in the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) environment. This page is a companion to the YouTube channel of the same name. As each episode is posted, files mentioned for download will be available here along side the links for the YouTube post.

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Planned Programming (as of 15 December 2015):

Excel Tuesdays – Each Tuesday, a new episode of a series to explore Excel from the beginning. The idea is to start out on Day 1 with someone new to Excel and go through the basics and then through the ‘intermediates’. This way, a firm foundation is established before going on to advanced topics like Data Analysis using PivotTables, number crunching using external databases, programming in Excel, and other advanced spreadsheet geekery.

Et Cetera Thursdays – Thursdays will be a collection of Other Topics – usually in short series of episodes about a specific project. And really anything goes – it all depends on what seems useful to you (feedback is important!).

I’ve posted technical details at the bottom.

About me

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 Pre-Bachelor’s Degree

I had a few odd jobs such as working as an Assistant Electrician for an outdoor production of “Nation” that year’s incarnation of ‘the drama’ – the story of the Cherokee Nation from just before Removal to just after the American Civil War. I also worked retail/support in a couple of long-defunct computer shops, and I also worked at the Periodicals Desk at the John Vaughn Library and as a Backup Operator (tape jockey, printer vacuumer, and form decolator) at my uni.

After a lengthy and somewhat circuitous undergraduate career, I finally earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in the fine art of the Management of Information Science (a BBA in MIS, for those of you who like the letters).

Pre-Master’s Degree

When I waiting on the right classes to come around to finish my Bachelor’s, I was working as a Data Entry Tech, not doing data entry so much as Accounts Payable, budget checks, and cubicle building (this was one job). Then I hopped over to my alma mater to sling COBOL as a Programmer/Analyst. Following that, I was a field support tech that eventually became tech-cum-legacy applications support-cum-LANDesk admin, with a little mentoring and hardware refurb on the side. Next was teaching instead of teching – I trained untold legions of employees in the arts of Excel, Word, Kronos, and the PeopleSoft HR Employee Portal along with helping implement and break-in a new Learning Management System (PeopleSoft (natch) LMS v.9, I seem to remember). Eventually I put down the Crystal Reports and stepped away to get in on a Health IT build (it was a healthcare startup needed an IT department, so I became The IT Department until I was able to implement an EHR and not let go of the best of the project team (and yes, being able to poach talented staff is great!)).

After a about a dozen years of doing everything from installing mice to Purchasing to inventory control to Project Management, I came to a point where I though I should start formalizing what I had picked up along the way by either starting an IT certification collection or going back to school. I chose the later to do first, since a Master’s degree won’t expire in three years like certain IT certs that I could name – and I didn’t want to get a cert, go to B-school and then finish just in time for my IT certification(s) to start expiring.

After a short three-year Master’s career, I earned a MBA at the end of the Spring 2015 semester. I don’t know if I surprised more by being through or by the Honor’s Society certificate that somehow got my name on it as I was graduating. Now I’m looking for the next page.

And since, at this point, my head is full of information of types various and sundry – some of the useful bits I thought I’d share because information is pretty much the equivalent of money buried in your backyard – if you don’t share it before you get hit by that proverbial bus, then it’s not going to benefit anyone unless they stumble across it themselves.

Okay – not the best analogy, but you get what I mean.

Thanks and stay tuned.

Technical Details