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A short note

Beginning with the release of first of these ‘how-to’s, an experiment is happening to see if there if this information is worth anything to anybody on a regular basis. Usually, with IT or, to a lesser degree business, you reach into your bag of tricks, pull out any pertinent information about the problem at hand, and then go away. This effort is to see if there is a market for an ongoing instructional series that is much more open ended.

How do you do that? you might ask – specifically, how are you going to judge “real” interest from just passers by? Well, this being 21st Century, I’m going to let people vote with their money. We’ve seen – or at least hear about them at this point – websites like Kickstarter, and now Patreon,  that allows ordinary people come together to help make something that they want (if you want to be shocked (yes, shocked) at the level of support some projects can generate, look at the Kickstarter for the Veronica Mars movie). Bands and others have put out content under the ‘download our stuff and pay what you want’ concept and it works – people are still willing to fund projects that they find valuable even if they can get for free any way.

Which bring us to this. I will produce content that is useful and I’m going to see if – and how many – people find it valuable. If you like to vote with a buck or two, there are methods below. Of course subscribing on YouTube is a nice thing to do too.