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Episode 2 – Java

To quote Paul Simon-

It’s four in the morning
I’m tapped out and yawning
Longing my life away…

or at least longing for an easier edit.

I don’t know why this was so bloody awful to record (and then edit). The subject of Episode 2 has to do with getting your Java up to date while uninstalling old versions of the same. This following a BI article about the FTC alleging that the Java updater didn’t always remove the older versions of the software, thereby leaving millions of machines vulnerable to malware, etc. that takes advantage of the out dated versions being present on these computers.

I’ve been installing and uninstalling Java for years. It’s a wonder that it took so many hours to produce this thing. Well, not so much a “wonder” as the kind of curse that show up in Greek stories from antiquity. Next I expect that I’ll be unable to relate verbal instructions on how one ties one’s shoes…

But at least the episode is done and uploaded (yay!):

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